Oracle Apps Inventory Functional Interview Questions

1.What is item status? Name the related table.

INVENTORY_ITEM_STATUS_CODE is the Colum in table MTL_ITEM_STATUS will tell you the different status for item while you defining the item in item master form (INVIDITM). You can have different status as shown in below, also u can define your own custom status in status code form in item setups (INVSDOIS)like “easyapps”


2.Define steps of assigning items to an organization.

Create an item in Item master from and select the template to assign the corresponding item attributes from tools menu. Now save the item. After saving the item select the organizational assignment option from tools menu for that item and organizational assignment item form popups. Now u can select the organizations from the list by ticking in check the work.

3.In which table subinventory related information for item is stored?


4.What are the prerequisite set ups for interorganization transaction?

Define an inventory item that is common to both organizations. See:Defining Items and Assigning Items to Organizations.Define at least two organizations, one of which is valid to receive material from the other. See: Creating an Organization, Oracle Human Resource Management Systems User’s Guide and Defining Organization Parameters.Set up inter–organization relationships and their corresponding accounts. See: Defining Inter–Organization Shipping Networks. For direct transfers, if the item to transfer is under serial number control, the item must have the same unit of measure in each organization. See: Defining Items.

5.Where to define interorganization transaction charges and what are the different options?

Depending on the inter–organization transfer charge that applies between the organizations, a percentage of the transaction value or a discrete amount that Oracle Inventory uses to compute transfer charges.

6.What are stock locators and how to define them?

Stock locators are an optional entity that may be used to represent physical locations within a subinventory. You may choose to use stock locators for selected subinventories or selected items within selected subinventories. If locators are used, subinventory and locator track on-hand balances. Therefore, if locators are defined to represent a shelf within a stockroom, on-hand balances on the system would show the item and quantity down to the physical location within the facility.U can derfine them in stocklocator from (INVSAFDH) in inventory setups. MTL_ITEM_LOCATIONS is the main base table for this locators.

7.Name the tables where the stock locator information is stored. At least two.

Refer above Q.One more table is MTL_ITEM_LOC_DEFAULTS

8.What is unit of measure classes? Give atleast two examples. Name the underlying table.

9.What is the prerequisite for difining unit of measure?

10.In which tables the transaction details stored? Atleast two.

11.What are centralized and decentralized level of control of item attributes?

12.Name all status attributes.

13.Differentiate between intra & inter uom class conversion with examples.

14.Is uom maintained at master level or organization level or both?

15.Mention the interface tables for item open interface and open transaction interface and also their respective production tables.

16.Name atleast five reports in oracle inventory related to transaction ?

17.What are the prerequsites for costing transactions?

18.Which is the table for storing organization information?

19.How to get the on hand quantity of an item across all organizations? Name the underlying tables.

20.What is the purpose of standard cost update?

21.Mention the navigational steps for abc analysis.



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